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Professor Chen
Supervisor: Xijing Chen £¨Professor&PhD)

Graduated from China Pharmaceutical University with a PhD's degree, Professor Chen has engaged in pharmacokinetic research and new drug development for over ten years during which time he has published, as the first author or the corresponding author, more than 100 papers (both journal and conference papers) including 70 SCI journal papers.

As one of the major investigators, Professor Chen has participated in a great many key projects granted by the state such as ¡°Key Techniques and Platform Study of Preclinical Pharmacokinetics¡± (key project of the National Ministry of Science and Technology of China), ¡°Research on the Intestinal Absorption Mechanism of Effective Ingredients in TCM Complex Prescriptions and the Schemes for Their Oral Dosage Forms¡± (key project of State Natural Science Foundation), ¡°Novel Models and Theories Study for the Absorption, Metabolism and Distribution of Biotech Drugs¡± (project of State Natural Science Foundation) and so forth. Till now these projects have been completed successfully. Among them, the project of ¡°Key Techniques and Platform Study of Preclinical Pharmacokinetics¡± has won the second prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and the project of ¡°Novel models and theories study for the absorption, metabolism and distribution of novel drugs¡± has won the first prize for Progress in Science and Technology of Jiangsu Province. As the major supervisor, Professor Chen has presided over a great number of projects on preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetics studies of antitumour drugs and cardiovascular drugs, one project granted by the National Natural Science Foundation and one project from 863 hi-tech Program.


PhD Candidate:     Tingting Li, Di Zhao, Shuoye Yang, Jiake He
Master Candidate: Fang Fang, Jianheng Zhen, Ning Li, Talbi Amer
                               Jing Zhu, Zhixia Qiu, Yi Zheng, Lingli Zhang,
                                         Qiuyang Zhang, Shanshan Xie, Jiayin Chen, Yongjie Zhang, Xiaoxia An, Pan Wang
PhD:       Hui He
Master:  Qin Lu, Jing Jing, Le Ma, Bing Yang, Liang Ni, Jing Dong, Qiaoling Yu
                   Deen Han, Lei Wu, Ya Sun, Lei Wang, Xue Yu,Yang Lu, Wei Sun, Yaning Wu, Ge Zhang

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